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Threat Vector: Public Facing Infrastructure

Public infrastructure can lead to private information. Organizations that need part of their IT infrastructure to interact with the outside...

More Essential Microsoft Sentinel Automations

Enhance incident response with new automated tools. In the previous Essential Microsoft Sentinel Automations blog we discussed the most important...

What is it Like to be a Cloud Security Analyst?

See what exciting activities CyberMSI cybersecurity analysts are doing today. Analysts at CyberMSI operate in a tier-less model, which means...

Threat Vector: Social Engineering

Help your users help you protect data. Social engineering is one of the most prevalent ways a malicious actor can...

Why Am I Not Getting Alerts in Defender for Office 365?

Discover How to Monitor All Your Email Incidents. Analysts at CyberMSI had recently set up a test environment for Defender...

Addressing Solorigate and Other Zero-Day Attacks

Planning Helps You Have a Prepared Response in a Crisis. Last December the public and private sectors were both shaken...

Threat Vector: Dumpster Diving

One man’s trash is another man’s breach. The term “dumpster diving” is used to refer to looking through discarded items...

Which Microsoft Security License Should I Get?

Spend 30 minutes deciding instead of months researching. Microsoft is delivering best-in-class cloud security products that are being held back...

Entities Recognized by Microsoft Sentinel and the Investigation Graph

Get more value out of your Microsoft Sentinel incidents with entities. Microsoft Sentinel has a limited set of entities that...

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