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Threat Vector: Network Scanning

Poor configuration could lead to malicious actors knowing your network better than your admins. Network scanning is an essential active...

Change Management with Microsoft Sentinel

Stay on top of a SIEM that is constantly evolving. Microsoft Sentinel is constantly being updated by Microsoft security engineers....

Detecting Nobelium Activity with Microsoft Cloud Security Tools

Work with Microsoft and the community to prepare. The recent Nobelium email phishing campaign has been in the news a...

Threat Vector: Publicly Available Information

Information Posted Online Can Be a Stepping Stone for a Breach. As part of our commitment to staying on the...

Common Causes for Ransomware Attacks

Learn from Past Incidents to Prepare for Future Ones. Ransomware has been a hot topic in the cybersecurity community for...

Custom Monitoring with Microsoft Sentinel Watchlists

Import Custom Data from Functionally Anywhere. Microsoft Sentinel users were recently given the option to insert their own data into...

CISA Incident Preparedness in Microsoft Sentinel

Make adjustments to your cloud environment to enhance your incident readiness. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is a US...

How to Share Sentinel Features on GitHub

Share your Microsoft security ideas with the community. In Microsoft Sentinel, the features that are used to help with incident...

What is Happening in the Microsoft 365 Security Menu Consolidation?

Investigate multi-staged incidents in 1 menu instead of 3. Microsoft recently announced their intentions to consolidate some of their cloud...

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