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Why Work at CyberMSI?

Develop your skills on an exciting new frontier. If you or someone you know is looking to get into cybersecurity...

Minimum Permissions Needed for a Microsoft Cloud Security Analyst

Investigate Incidents Effectively with Principal of Least Privilege. Microsoft’s system of assigning permissions is a frequent source of confusion for...

Deploy Microsoft Sentinel Analytic Rules from 3rd Party Sources

Deploy analytic rules from sources all over the web. The cybersecurity community is constantly developing and sharing analytics that can...

Which Connection Should I Use for Playbooks?

Give out permissions with the right balance of security and manageability. With the release of the managed identity option for...

What to Expect in the Microsoft SC-200 Exam

An exam built specifically for cloud security analysts. Microsoft recently released a new SC series of exams that are designed...

What Are Administrative Units and How Do I Use Them?

Give out subscription level permissions for only a specific set of users. Microsoft recently released the new administrative units feature...

Advanced Threat Hunting in Microsoft 365 Security

Discover useful information from all 4 Microsoft 365 Defender menus. All the logs available in Microsoft 365 Defender products can...

Implementing Ingestion Delay Correction in Microsoft Sentinel

Improve your analytic rule detection rate with a quick change. Microsoft Sentinel analytic rules do not correct for ingestion delay...

What to Look for in a Cloud Security Analyst.

Find high potential candidates in your recruiting pool. CyberMSI has gone through 1,000s of resumes, and we are always seeking...

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