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Endpoint Investigation, Invasive or Invaluable?

Give analysts agency wihout losing availability. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) has live response options that allow security analysts using...

Is “Always Encrypted” Actually Always Encrypted?

Secure your data with functionally always encrypted. Azure allows their database users to encrypt their data with “always encrypted”. This...

Managing Timestamps in Sentinel

Turn table data into an investigation timeline. Microsoft Sentinel uses raw table data to represent what is happening during an...

Why are There So Many Impossible Travels in MCAS?

Discern true and false positive impossible travels. Analysts at CyberMSI have been noticing a significant increase in MCAS impossible travel...

Implement CIS Controls in Microsoft Cloud Products

Secure your cloud environment with all 20 CIS controls. The Center for Internet Security (CIS) is a major player in...

Read Microsoft Sentinel Playbooks Like A Pro

Understand Microsoft Sentinel automation by breaking it down into parts. When an Azure user opens a logic app like Microsoft...

All Microsoft 365 Defender Permissions Menu Locations

Managing permissions in all 4 Microsoft 365 Defender platforms. The menus for granting permissions in the Microsoft 365 Defender platforms...

Why Are There 4 Different Microsoft Defender for Cloud VM Security Extensions?

Use extensions to customize Microsoft Defender for Cloud VM security. Microsoft Defender for Cloud uses extensions to allow users to...

AD Domain Service and Defender for Identity Demystified

Understanding hybrid environment security with relative ease. Some members of an organization’s IT staff may be concerned about subjects like...

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