Cybersecurity managed services for zero trust security (ZTS), endpoints, cloud, network, and infrastructure.​

And unlike our competitors, we not only monitor but also defend against cyber threats.

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We help organizations avoid business disruptions caused by cyberattacks.

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We are a Microsoft-certified partner specializing in its cybersecurity tech and services—more.

Cybersecurity Managed Services

Zero Trust
Security (ZTS)

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Cloud (SaaS/Iaas/PaaS) Security

Virtual Security Operations Center (SOC)

Delivering Best-in-Class Cybersecurity Managed Services


Our Differentiators

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Deliver services with the right scope to meet your business needs


Offer three tiers of service levels to fit your budget and risk level

Mitigate Threats

Contain and mitigate threats, not just provide remediation guidance


Reduce operational complexity and costs by using fit-for-purpose tech


Provide transparent upfront pricing without any add-ons


Vulnerability Management

Monitor risk-based vulnerability and configuration exposure

Endpoint Detection & Response

Monitor, investigate and triage alerts for endpoints—both on-prem and cloud

Incident Management

Classify incidents, determine scope, and initiate escalation procedures

Remediation Guidance

Provide remediation guidance including context, impact analysis, and severity

Containment & Mitigation

Perform pre-defined containment and mitigation actions as first-level response

Virtual SOC

Operate virtual SOC for managing SIEM events 

Threat Hunting

Conduct weekly threat hunting exercises

Flexible Coverage

Flexible monitoring coverage options of 8-5, M-F and 24x7x365

Easy Support

Help desk support via messaging, email & phone


Dedicated account and technical support

Zero Trust Security

Monitor and respond to cyberattacks on identities, devices, apps, data, infrastructure, and network using Azure AD, Microsoft 365 Defender, and Azure Sentinel.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Investigate, triage and mitigate cybersecurity attacks faster and more effectively across email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and network using Microsoft XDR platform.

Virtual Security Operations Center (SOC)

Collect and analyze security data from multiple security tools, network, endpoints, cloud services, etc. to detect and respond to threats with security orchestration and automation using Azure Sentinel

Cloud (SaaS/Iaas/PaaS) Security

Identify and manage cybersecurity threats across multiple cloud services through configuration management, threat visibility, and data protection using Microsoft Cloud App Security

Managed Cybersecurity

We have transparent, upfront pricing, which is available here as our best and final price.  It is also very simple because it’s based on number of endpoints and service levels (1).


Collect the investigation package and perform pre-defined mitigation actions for the incident

Isolate the infected endpoints by removing network access, shutting down user accounts, and changing admin passwords

Cybersecurity Managed Services For Zero Trust Security (ZTS), Endpoints, Cloud, Network, And Infrastructure.​

Monitor endpoints for configuration, vulnerability and threat alerts using a risk-based approach and threat intelligence

Investigate alerts and determine if there is an active incident underway

Determine and document the assets, scope, impact and priority of the incident along with contextual business information

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