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All Microsoft 365 Defender Permissions Menu Locations

Managing permissions in all 4 Microsoft 365 Defender platforms. The menus for granting permissions in the Microsoft 365 Defender platforms...

Why Are There 4 Different Azure VM Security Extensions?

Use extensions to customize Azure VM security. Azure uses extensions to allow users to add features to their VMs. These...

AD Domain Service and Defender for Identity Demystified

Understanding hybrid environment security with relative ease. Some members of an organization’s IT staff may be concerned about subjects like...

What Do I Get When I Turn on Azure Defender?

Determine the cybersecurity return on investment in Azure. Azure is very keen on selling their users security services like Azure...

AIR Is Not Just Automation

Using Microsoft 365 Defender AIR for broader incident management. Microsoft 365 Defender’s Automated Investigation and Response (AIR) is a solution...

Kubernetes for Security Admins and Analysts

Implement Kubernetes security in Azure using a mix of old and new methods. Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Container Registries...

Squeeze More Data Out of Your Analytic Rules

Enrich investigations with the new Alert Enrichment. The Azure Sentinel team has just recently come out with “Alert Enrichment” which...

Use JSON to Improve Azure Sentinel Operations

Be more efficient and unlock new tools with JSON. When working on security in Azure Sentinel it is important to...

How do I Format Azure Sentinel Comments?

Clean up comments with a text editor and HTML tags. Azure Sentinel allows analysts to add comments to incidents, but...

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