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We’re committed to making customers’ lives easier, not just more secure. Please fill out the price request form below, and we'll get back to you right away. This way you won’t have to waste time and effort searching and negotiating for competitive prices when purchasing cybersecurity managed services.

Remember all our service tiers include fully resolving—not just providing recommendations for—cybersecurity incidents along with easy access to our SOC analysts anytime via Microsoft Teams, so you can get the assistance whenever you need it even if you’re not on the 24x7x365 tier. Think of our team as an extension of your team because we're.

We’re happy to help you decide which of these service tiers would best meet your needs, so feel free to contact us.

Essential Tier

The Essential Tier is a good option for those organizations that are currently performing limited to no cybersecurity management and would like coverage during normal business hours while managing budgetary constraints.

Risk-based threat & vulnerability management

Managed detection & response for both endpoints and cloud services including O365, AWS and others

Remediation guidance with specific steps

Pre-defined containment and mitigation actions as first-level response

8-5, M-F coverage except holidays

Advanced Tier

The Advanced Tier is for organizations needing help with managing cybersecurity across the full spectrum but don’t need 24x7x365 coverage or simply need skilled resources to augment their existing team.

Includes everything in the Essential Tier plus

Virtual SOC to manage SIEM alerts for network and other security tools

Weekly threat hunting

Zero Trust Security (ZTS) monitoring, incident management, and ongoing improvements

Continuous Tier

The Continuous Tier is for organizations that require 24x7x365 coverage for user identities, endpoints, email, apps, data, cloud, on-premises infrastructure and network at an all-inclusive price.

Includes everything in the Essential & Advanced Tiers plus

24x7x365 monitoring coverage including holidays

Dedicated account and technical support

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