Virtual Security Operations Center (SOC)​

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What is Virtual Security Operations Center?

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Microsoft Sentinel is a cloud-native solution providing differently sized companies with SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) and SOAR (Security Orchestration and Automated Response) services. SIEM software provides security teams with an in-depth analysis and record of their surrounding cybersecurity environment. It identifies potential cyber threats by aggregating, correlating, and analyzing disparate data sources such as security logs from firewalls and virtual machines to raise alerts either individually or in the aggregate as cybersecurity incidents using advanced AI and security analytics.

SOAR is a cybersecurity solution that allows an organization to perform incident management activities in response to security alerts and cyberattacks without human interaction. Such technology enables cybersecurity defenders to reduce response times to ever-growing threats and sophisticated attacks.

Collect and analyze security data

Collect and analyze security data from multiple security tools, network, endpoints, cloud services, etc. to detect and respond to threats with security orchestration and automation using Azure Sentinel

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  • Identify data sources to ingest
  • Design Azure monitor logs and workbooks
  • Define use cases for automation with playbooks
  • Run security analytics and workbooks to identify incidents
  • Create custom rules to detect threats
  • Investigate incidents based on context and threat intel
  • Build security playbooks for automated response
  • Perform pre-defined containment and mitigation activities
  • Support IR team during breach investigation
  • Tune alert thresholds and reporting

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