Microsoft Sentinel Workshop​

Gain a bird’s eye view across your enterprise with SIEM for a modern world​

Workshop Highlights

  • Understand the features and benefits of Microsoft Sentinel
  • Gain visibility into threats across email, identity, and data
  • Better understand, prioritize, and mitigate potential threat vectors
  • Create a defined deployment roadmap based on your environment and goals ​
  • Develop joint plans and next steps​

See and Stop Threats Before They Cause Harm with a Microsoft Sentinel Training Workshop

Microsoft Sentinel delivers intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence across the enterprise, providing a single solution for alert detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting, and threat response.​

Get an overview of Microsoft Sentinel along with insights on active threats to your Microsoft 365 cloud and on-premises environments with a Microsoft Sentinel Workshop. 

Workshop objectives

Through this workshop, we will work with you to: ​

  • Discover threats to your Microsoft 365 cloud and on-premises environments across email, identity and data.​
  • Understand how to mitigate threats by showing how Microsoft 365 and Microsoft security products can help mitigate and protect against threats that are found. ​
  • Plan next steps and provide information to build a business case for a production deployment of Microsoft Sentinel including a technical deployment roadmap.

What We'll Do

Analyze your requirements and priorities for a SIEM deployment​

Define scope & deploy Microsoft Sentinel in your production environment​

Discover threats and demonstrate incident containment and mitigation ​

Remote monitoring* and proactive threat hunting to discover attack indicators​

*optional component​

Recommend next steps on how to proceed with implementation of Microsoft Sentinel and transition to managed services ​

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is intended for security decision-makers such as:

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)​
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)​
  • Chief Security Officer (CSO)​
  • Data Protection Officer​
  • Data Governance Officer​
  • IT Security​
  • IT Compliance​
  • Data Governance​
  • IT Operations​

Why CyberMSI?

As a Microsoft-certified partner, you can trust our experience that the workshop will be highly productive because it will help you better understand Microsoft Sentinel’s capabilities, determine how it can address your security pain points, and decide whether using cybersecurity managed services—for both detection and incident response—can rapidly and cost effectively raise your security posture.​

Our key differentiators include:​

  • Providing comprehensive cybersecurity managed services that include incident response with respect to containment and mitigation of cyber attacks​
  • Engaging Microsoft-certified security resources from the onset to help you achieve the right outcomes​
  • Tailoring the workshop to include Microsoft Defender ATP, M365 ATP or Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps if you are considering additional Microsoft security products as well ​
  • Assisting you every step of the way as you transition to using cybersecurity managed services—quickly and cost effectively​
  • Making an investment in your success by conducting the Microsoft Sentinel Workshop free of cost to you

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