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Largest behavioral healthcare provider in the state of Ohio

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  • Problem

    As a non-profit behavioral healthcare provider, the organization receives federal and state funding which requires complying with healthcare regulations, as well as NIST standards.  Faced with having to meet NIST baselines, Simon S., IT Director, believed that Microsoft’s cloud-based security solutions might be the answer and could reduce overall costs. Indeed, studies have shown that Microsoft’s security solution could replace up to 40 standalone products, with savings up to 60%. However, all of the security services firms Simon reviewed lacked demonstrable expertise with Microsoft’s cloud-based security portfolio.

  • Solution

    Simon discovered CyberMSI, a managed extended detection and response (MXDR) provider and Microsoft certified partner, specializing in Microsoft’s cloud-native Sentinel SIEM and Microsoft Defender XDR. CyberMSI provided an in-depth live tour of Microsoft’s solution and clearly demonstrated how they would enhance TBR’s cybersecurity program using Microsoft’s security tools with their services. CyberMSI was also critical in assisting with the complexities of the Microsoft tenant setup, on-boarding and product licensing.

  • Results

    Shortly after signing with CyberMSI, the customer successfully achieved NIST baseline status and received high praise from the Department of Family Services auditors for their successful and speedy remediation of cybersecurity risks. Simon estimates that CyberMSI has helped reduce TBR’s security monitoring costs by at least $100K annually and eliminated the need for most security consultative services, which averaged $25K per engagement. CyberMSI has helped TBR to align and strengthen it’s HIPAA compliance program with the NIST framework, thus reducing the risk of a HIPAA breach and potentially significant fines.  The partnership with CyberMSI has empowered TBR to successfully pursue new mission focused contracts, grants, and opportunities that are often conditioned upon robust cybersecurity policies and practices.

“[CyberMSI] is an exceptional security partner…”
-Simon S., IT Director

Global field and engineering services firm

  • Problem

    As a rapidly growing company that provides a broad range of field and engineering services to wireless and fiber network operators, the organization needed to rapidly improve cybersecurity for its global workforce operating in 29 countries on three continents. Additionally, the organization needed to satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

  • Solution

    Mauricio C., as a seasoned technology executive with several years of experience transforming IT organizations, decided to choose CyberMSI after conducting a thorough evaluation of the managed extended detection and response (MXDR) market to help transform the company's cybersecurity.

    Reason? Mauricio believes, "CyberMSI brings a unique combination of cybersecurity expertise in Microsoft tools and end-to-end incident resolution, which means we don't need to have an internal SOC, which wasn't an option with other MXDR providers."

  • Results

    The organization enjoys 24x7x365 cybersecurity protection provided by CyberMSI for its globally distributed users, devices, infrastructure, network, data and multi-vendor clouds without the need for an in-house SOC.

“We chose CyberMSI over several larger competitors, and it was the best decision we could have made because of the responsive, high quality service including full incident response.”
- Maucicio C., CIO

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Global nutritional supplements manufacturer

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  • Problem

    Like many aspiring, fast-growing businesses, the organization was challenged with managing their business with limited in-house IT resources. To augment their IT team, it had outsourced some of their IT services to a third party. However, with the decision to standardize on Microsoft security solutions, the organization realized they would need another service provider with deep Microsoft security expertise. It turned to CyberMSI.

  • Solution

    Mike S., the Senior IT Operations Leader, joined the company as it was onboarding Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender XDR with the help of CyberMSI. With years of  experience “right-sizing” security and operational insights, Mike quickly recognized the value CyberMSI was providing.

    “With CyberMSI, I didn't have to hire a team of security specialists nor hire and manage a staff for 24 x 7 security monitoring, which is really important. More importantly, CyberMSI understands our business and is our trusted security advisor. CyberMSI team is always there when I need their advice.  With CyberMSI as a partner, I can focus on growing the business.”

  • Results

    With CyberMSI on board, Mike is able to focus on other important aspects of the company’s IT operations. In addition, with CyberMSI’s managed security service model, Mike doesn’t have to worry about the company’s security operational costs.

“Thank you for your vigilance! We are very grateful to have CyberMSI on the team!”
-Mike S., Senior IT Operations Leader

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