Microsoft Cloud Security

What is Microsoft Cloud Security?

Data Security

Data is stored remotely on the cloud and is accessed from all around the world. Ensuring this data is protected from unauthorized access and loss or corruption is vital to business infrastructure.

Compliance Management

Cloud security services provide your business with the tools to meet regulatory and compliance requirements. Many industries like healthcare have state and federal regulations governing the collecting, storage, and protection of sensitive data.



People need access to data and applications at all times from many different locations. Cloud services provide 24/7 availability to your people. Cloud access is constantly monitored to ensure your data and services are secure.

User Access Control

Business networks are being accessed by more users than ever. Cloud security provides the means to monitor and control user access to data and applications. This provides a means to protect your network and systems from any malicious users, internal or external.

Device Protection

The digital world we live in consists of a huge number of different devices that are used to access information. Device monitoring and access control is key to ensuring your business network remains secure.

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