Microsoft Secure Remote Work Workshop

Deploy remote work scenarios—rapidly and securely

Workshop Highlights

  • Evaluate your remote work options and business implications in one workshop ​
  • Goal is to enable remote work quickly, with more advanced options at a later stage​ ​
  • Develop list of actionable recommendations for Hybrid Identity, Teams & Security​
  • ONE day workshop leaves you with a concrete deployment plan, timelines, and next actions​

Improve your security posture while enabling remote work

Microsoft Secure Remote Work is enabling millions of workers around the world to stay productive and helping organizations to maintain business continuity in the face of our global health crisis.​​

Designed for today’s IT and security stakeholders, the workshop will help you get an environmental and workload analysis, including a quick assessment of your security posture, as well as a list of actionable recommendations to deploy hybrid identity, Microsoft Teams, and security. 

We will also help you with identifying potential blockers and challenges to rapid adoption and developing a comprehensive technical guide for advanced remote work scenarios.

Why you should attend​

The workshop will help you empower your organization to stay connected while maintaining or enhancing security and control.

What We'll Do

Enable cloud or hybrid identity for single sign-on and self- service password reset

Rapid deployment plan and checklists for  activation, installation, and configuration

Provide adoption kitfor end user training, workload introductions & support resources 

Secure access to Teams via Conditional Access and MFA

Who Should Attend​ Microsoft Secure Remote Work

The workshop is intended for stakeholders including:

  • C-Suite
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Security Officer (CSO)
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Data Governance Officer
  • IT Security
  • IT Compliance
  • Data Governance
  • IT Operations

Why CyberMSI?

We will help you build an effective secure remote work strategy to lower risk, execute on the roadmap, and quickly improve your cybersecurity posture. 

Our key differentiators include:

  • Providing comprehensive cybersecurity managed services that include incident response with respect to containment and mitigation of cyber attacks
  • Engaging Microsoft-certified security resources from the onset to help you achieve the right outcomes 
  • Assisting you every step of the way as you transition to using cybersecurity managed services—quickly and cost effectively
  • Making an investment in your success by conducting the Microsoft Secure Remote Work Workshop free of cost to you

How Can We Help?

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