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CyberMSI, a managed security service provider, was founded in 2020 by Fawaad Khan, a seasoned cybersecurity executive, to make organizations more resilient to cybersecurity attacks such as ransomware.

Cyber attacks continue to disproportionally affect small and mid-size (SMB) organizations because they typically lack in-house resources and skills to deal with them. Fawaad recognized that organizations need responsive, experienced cybersecurity professionals who not only detect but also mitigate cybersecurity incidents to avoid business disruptions and minimize the damage.

However, most managed security service providers severely under-perform in meeting these needs for a variety of reasons. Complicating matters further, some organizations often focus on buying a multitude of cybersecurity products in efforts to become more secure instead of focusing on key risk areas using the right tech and capabilities for improved cybersecurity posture.

AT CyberMSI, we’re committed to assisting organizations by providing swift, effective cybersecurity mitigation using our skills and specialization in Microsoft’s cybersecurity tech.

managed security service provider


We believe in these principles and live by them to make a difference to our customers, employees and communities.

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Satisfying Work

Work’s more than a paycheck. We provide opportunities for professional growth, learning, and achievement.

managed security service provider

We need everyone to always act in a manner that makes our customers more secure.

Executing Urgently

We need everyone to make decisions and act urgently because our business demands it.

Details Matter - A Lot

We strive to excel in what we do, and that means not just embracing  but mastering the details.

One Team in Purpose

But not in perspectives because this way we avoid group-think to arrive at better answers.

Personal Ownership

We’re responsible for our work and take full ownership of it.

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Fawaad Khan

Founder & President

As CyberMSI’s founder and President, Fawaad Khan has over 20 years of experience in technology and cybersecurity. He has served numerous Fortune 1,000 in the financial services, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing sectors during his career in consulting and managed services.

His experience spans the spectrum of cybersecurity management from strategy to operations, including building and leading large, geographically distributed cybersecurity teams.

Prior to CyberMSI, Fawaad founded Cyight, a cybersecurity management consultancy, to assist client executives develop business-driven, cost-defensible approaches to evaluating and managing cybersecurity. Earlier, he spent 7 years at Ernst & Young (EY) as the Managing Director responsible for starting and leading its cloud cybersecurity consulting and managed services business. He also spent 14 years at Accenture developing and managing large, complex enterprise systems.

Fawaad has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from The University of Illinois at Chicago and an MBA in Finance from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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