See How We Implement Microsoft 365 Defender and Sentinel

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We’re a Microsoft certified partner specializing in cybersecurity. We use Microsoft’s market-leading cybersecurity products to deliver managed services.

Check below for more information regarding key activities we perform as part of our services.

Zero Trust Security (ZTS)

Monitor and respond to cyberattacks on identities, devices, apps, data, infrastructure, and network using Azure AD, Microsoft 365 Defender, and Microsoft Sentinel.

  • Monitor identities for strong authentication, least privilege access, and anomalous behavior
  • Monitor device health and compliance for secure access
  • Monitor apps for abnormal behavior, user actions, and secure configuration options
  • Monitor for data access policy violations and data loss prevention (DLP) incidents
  • Monitor version, configuration, and JIT access to VMs, containers, and micro services
  • Monitor network controls to detect attackers from moving laterally across the network

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Monitor, investigate, triage and mitigate cybersecurity threats on endpoints, including advanced threat-hunting techniques using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

  • Organize incidents queue to prioritize and perform risk-informed cybersecurity incident management activities
  • Quickly analyze incident details including affected machines, logs, system files, IP addresses, domains, user accounts, etc. with the help of AI-driven insights
  • Triage alerts with additional business context such as data sensitivity, threat intel, etc.
  • Determine specific remediation steps to address incidents
  • Perform both automated and manual containment and mitigation activities to resolve incidents immediately
  • Provide resiliency and improvement recommendations as part of ongoing cybersecurity monitoring

Virtual Security Operations Center (SOC)‚Äč

Collect and analyze security data¬†from¬†multiple security tools, network, endpoints,¬†cloud services, etc. to detect and respond¬†to threats with security orchestration and¬†automation using¬†Microsoft Sentinel‚Äč

tech cycle virtual security operations center SOC
  • Identify data sources to ingest‚Äč
  • Design Azure monitor logs and workbooks‚Äč
  • Define use cases for automation with playbooks‚Äč
  • Run security analytics and workbooks to identify¬†incidents‚Äč
  • Create custom rules to detect threats‚Äč
  • Investigate incidents based on context and threat intel‚Äč
  • Build security playbooks for automated response‚Äč
  • Perform pre-defined containment and mitigation¬†activities‚Äč
  • Support IR team during breach investigation‚Äč
  • Tune alert thresholds and reporting

Cloud (SaaS/Iaas/PaaS) Security ‚Äč

Identify and manage cybersecurity threats¬†across multiple cloud services through¬†configuration management, threat visibility,¬†and data protection using¬†Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps‚Äč

tech cycle cloud saas iaas paas security
  • Design and configure Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps as cloud access security broker (CASB)‚Äč
  • Detect and fix cloud configuration issues across multiple¬†SaaS/IaaS/PaaS providers‚Äč
  • Discover and assess cloud apps to identify high-risk¬†services in use due to shadow IT¬†‚Äč
  • Identify the risk levels of cloud apps‚Äč
  • Limit exposure of shared data by applying data¬†classification policies¬†¬†‚Äč
  • Investigate anomalous user activity or policy violations‚Äč
  • Start Microsoft Defender (ATP) remediation actions upon¬†detection of cyber threats with usage of cloud services